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BEYFIX EPS Thermal Insulation Panel (50 x 100)

BEYFIX EPS Thermal Insulation Panel (50 x 100)

BEYFIX 50x100 cm is an EPS insulation and filling material that is produced by cutting in the desired thickness from block production. Sized by wire cut, BEYFIX boards have high plaster adherence due to their surface smoothness. Its dimensions do not change over time, thanks to its flexible structure,,it prevents external plaster, paint and coating cracks caused by expansion and contraction. Thanks to its high water vapor permeability, it prevents moisture on interior facades. It does not get inflamed easily. It does not rot or smell. It is not harmful to health and the environment.

StructureExpanded Polystyrene
Width50 cm
Length100 cm
Density16-32 kg/m3
Fire classE
Tolerance of widthL1
Tolerance of thicknessW1
Tolerance of deviation from squarenessT1
Tolerance of deviation from squarenessS1
Tolerance of levelnessP1
Dimensional stability under laboratory conditionsDS(N)5
Dimensional stability under certain tem- perature and humidity conditionsDS(70.-)2
Long-time water absorptionWL(T)5
Compression frictionCC(4/3/10)10

• It has high thermal insulation properties.
• It has high resistance to thermal shocks.
• It has optimum water vapor permeability.
• Its water absorption is low.
• It is lightweight.
• It does not rot.
• It has high compression and bending strength.
• It has dimensional stability.
• It is easy to apply.
It is TS EN 13163 / June 2010. certified. It is CE Certified.