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Beyfix Tile and Ceramic Adhesive

Beyfix Tile and Ceramic Adhesive

Cement-based, polymer-added, highly adhesive tile and ceramic adhesive with with reduced slippage.
It is used for horizontal and vertical bonding of ceramics and tiles to cement-based grout and alum surfaces at interior spaces.
It is easy to prepare and apply. Provides sufficient working time. It does not slip in vertical applications. Provides high adhesion properties.
Application surface should be clean and free of loosen surfaces and dust, which prevent adhesion. Corrupt surfaces, cracks, and fractures should be repaired with BEYFIX fine repair mortar and BEYFIX coarse repair mortar 24 hours before application. Surface should be moistened before applying adhesive mortar.
25 kg of BEYFIX Tile and Ceramic Adhesive is slightly poured into 6-7 l of water at ambient temperature between + 5 °C and +35°C and mixed by a mixer with low revolution (400-600 rpm) to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The mortar prepared is left to mature by 5-10 minutes, after which it is further mixed by 1-2 minutes before starting application. The mortar spread by flat side of trowel is then combed with toothed trowel suitable for dimensions of the tile. Ceramics should be adhered onto combed mortar in 20 minutes. Expired and sloughed mortars should not be used. Air behind the ceramic should be discharged by means of rubber hammer for good adhesion. Joint gaps can be filled with a suitable BEYFIX SEALANT 24 hours after the bonding process.
It is 25 kg craft bag. (PE reinforced)
64 bags of shilling in one pallet (106 x 106 cm)
Maximum 2 palettes could be superimposed in closed original packaging and under cool and dry ambient. Shelf life is 12 months under proper storage conditions after manufacturing date.
Gloves should be used during application. Areas contacted to product should be washed with plenty of water. If swallowed, call for a physician, immediately.

Complies with TS EN 12004-1:2017 / C1T quality standard.
1: Standard performance
T: Reduced slippage
Conforms to CE Communiqué

AppearanceGray colored powder
Mixing Ratio6-7 l of water / 25 kg of powder
Consumption3-5 kg/m2
Application Temperature+5°C to +35°C
Open dwell time20 minutes
Dwell Time in container4 hours
Time for suitability to pe- destrian traffc24 hours
Time to open to traffc3 Days
Time for applying joint24 hours
Tensile Adhesive StrengthInitial ≥ 0,5 N/mm2
After submerging ≥ 0,5 N/mm2
After Temp. Aging ≥ 0,5 N/mm2
After freeze-thaw cycle ≥ 0,5 N/mm2
Adhesion Resistance≥0.5 N/mm2
Slippage≤ 0,5 mm
Dry unit weight by volume (kg/l)1.60 ± 0,2
Wet unit weight by volume (kg/l)1.70 ± 0,2
Temperature Endurance-30°C to +80°C